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Dangers of excess physical exercise

Particularly it is a pleasure to see that more and more people are registering in different sporting events, whether it be in the popular mass races, like Marathon, like in bike races, days of beach sports, gymnastics, etc. Why? This whole pro-exercise movement seems to be a consequence of the population’s awareness of their physical health. At last, we are realizing that without health we risk not being able to do the rest of things that we like. Physical well-being is becoming a priority. Good news.

Dangers of excess physical exercise

Unfortunately, we live in an increasingly extreme society and we are far from the average. On the one hand there is still a vast majority of people immersed in a deep lazy lifestyle and difficult to remedy. On the other hand, in parallel with the notable increase in the supply of sports practice for amateurs.  I have noticed a notable increase in people who exploit, study, plan, monitor and over-squab their training and competition, as if Professionals will be treated. Here I see, basically, two drawbacks: one of physical health and one of emotional health – which basically are the same, health in general.

Physical disadvantage

As I said, a large proportion of sports practitioners are not professional, but they train as if they were. This is a problem. We are confusing health with performance. The importance of being aware of the maintenance of good physical health resides in two factors: present well-being, lack of disease and / or pain, and future prevention, due to a substantial increase of our life expectancy along with the will / need to have as much autonomy as possible when reaching a certain age.

Training and competing as a professional does not guarantee those goals. Do you know the life of a sports professional from a physical point of view? Injuries, overloads and pain are common. The extreme and continuous physical effort that entails professionalism is much greater than the body can tolerate and this generates aware of all musculature, joints, systems of obtaining energetics, … so that there is no professional that saves himself from an early osteoarthritis , To say something “light”.

Logically, the professional sportsman is free to choose this way of life excessively physical taking into account the economic retribution he receives in return. But the amateur, what do you get? Leaving aside emotional results such as satisfaction, of course – then I will. In reality, the bill that will pay physically the pseudo-professional amateur sportsman will not be anything positive.

In addition to this incongruity, this type of athlete is the great example of how little you listen to your body. After performing some physical exercise toward health, one should feel fundamentally well. At the end of an 8km race session, a muscular circuit, a spinning class or a few laps in the pool, we may feel tired, congested and somewhat low in energy. But before long, after a few stretches, a shower and a banana we found ourselves well. There is no pain, no overload. If there are, we already know what the body is telling us. Something is wrong.

But the line that separates the effort-most incredible-of suffering is very thin. It is not normal to end a sports practice, whether or not competition, and that hurts everything, not being able to move, get destroyed, need a recovery week and have to go to the physiotherapist or the osteopath so that I Restore and regain my muscles.

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