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Hallux valgus usually known as bunions is known as the tissue that is outgrown from the base of your largest toe. It is contemplated as the abnormal growth of tissues due to given pressure on joints of your toes. Bunions creates complication because it is very agonizing. Your feet sustain your body weight and it becomes strenuous with bunions. It looks like a bump. It is engendered by applying continuous abnormal pressure on your toes, walking improperly, choosing wrong shoes to walk.


Researches have concluded that it also comes along the genetics. Bunions give birth to arthritis. People having supple joints can handle the bunions but it is a menace for those who have non flexible joints.

Bunions are mos common in female gender. Reason behind it is that they are fond of wearing heels and stilettos . this type of footwear leads to pressure on ones heels and toes, resulting in giving extra pressure to your toe joint. This shots an opportunity for tissues to outgrow and create problems. It has become foremost to take care of bunions. Either you can prevent it from happening or you can take certain steps to remove it completely.

There are two methods to remove bunions from your toes forever:

  • Non surgical method.
  • Surgical method.


  1. The foremost thing you can do is you need to choose comfortable footwear. Wearing a comfortable one would lead to less pressure on toes and hence one can walk properly. You need to wear shoes for bunions.
  2. You need to improve the way you walk. It is very important to take care of your walking style because wrong walking style gives direct invitation to the birth of bunions.
  3. Consuming anti inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen helps in controlling the pain and growth of toe tissues.
  4. You can have a conversation with your family doctors regarding bunions. They can guide you by comprehending your concern. They are well known to your medical history and can act the best mentor to show you the right path.
  5. Ice packs and massage can be very helpful in relaxation of your toe joints.
  6. Bunion splint is a new innovation in this world of technology. One can only be benefited by this device until you wear it, once you remove this device, your benefit vanishes with it.


Some people are fretted and go through much pain daily. Nonsurgical bunions treatment method is not the accurate for them. Surgery is also panacea to this trouble. A surgeon places your ligaments, joints in the right position which is placed improperly by the outgrowth of tissues. You can say that it is the permanent solution for bunions. You have to take necessary precautions after your surgery to prevent the birth of bunions again. There are more than hundred and fifty methods of surgery but the surgeons are very selective in case of surgery methods.

No more worries because this world has solution for your bunions. don’t ignore bunions because it may damage your joints, walking style and give birth to dangerous diseases related to joints. Just pick up your phone call a doctor or change your lifestyle to remove or prevent bunions.


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