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Above Ground Swimming Pool Buyers Guide

above ground swimming pool review

Best above ground swimming pool review

Thinking about how to make the most out of the summer heat? The best time to buy is right before the start of the summer season. There is no better way to spend this time of the year than swimming in an above ground swimming pool. But first you need to consider few factors before buying an above ground pool.

Above Ground Swimming Pool or Inground Swimming Pool

First thing to consider is whether to buy above ground swimming pool or get an inground pool constructed. Yes, all inground pools require time to construct and before construction your will need permission from local authorities for the construction. Beside the construction time, it’s time consuming, very expensive and requires lots of maintenance.

On the other hand, above ground pools start from $50 for kiddie pools to about $15,000 for a semi-permanent metal wall pool. They are easy to install, maintain and most are portable.

Selecting the Best Above Ground Pools

Before go on to decide on the shape and size of the pool, thinks of who is the pool for. Are you buying a pool for just the kids to cool down and have fun in the summer or is it for few or many adults and pool party. You may also consider, if you need a therapy pool.

above ground swimming pool reviewabove ground swimming pool review

Kiddie Pool                                                                        Therapy Pool

Shape and Size

The size of the pool is almost dictated by the amount of money you want to spend and how much lawn space can be used. If you have a bigger pool, more the people can swim and the pool party is going to be much more fun. It also means it’s going to cost a lot more to buy and maintain. You should think who is going to use the pool most of the time and who is going to maintain it.

The above ground pools come in mainly 3 shapes:

  • Round
  • Oval and
  • Rectangular

Round shaped pools are better in the sense that the water surface area of the round pools are more than a similar oval pool of similar dimension. In other words round pools occupy less space than similar oval shaped pools of similar dimension.

Oval pools are better for lap swimming, water volleyball and other family sports.

Pool Materials and Frame Style

Now-a-days all above ground pools are made of ultra-durable materials. For framed pools, the frames are made of stainless steel and for most metal framed pools the walls are made of galvanized steel, aluminum or resin.  Resin is the most durable but expensive at the same time.

Metal framed pools are relatively cheap and will last you up to 5 years if properly taken care of. Multi layered Vinyl is used as the walls which is supported by stainless steel frames.

Wall Patterns and Liners

above ground swimming pools review

A wide assortment of attractive wall patters is available permitting you to design your pool to your liking. The thicknesses of the liners vary with the size of the pool, but if you have the option always go with a liner that is thick. It’s going to cost more but will definitely last longer.


Depending on the size of the above ground pool, it takes from a few minutes to about few hours. The installation is very easy and intuitive. The first step is to prepare the ground before you start installing the pool. The most important part is leveling the ground. If the ground is not leveled properly, the pool will exert more pressure on one side and may give in. The ground has to be devoid of debris and under growth.


Make sure you have at least one year warranty on your pool. While some small pools have only about 3-6 months of warranty and the larger metal walled pools come with a 15 years warrant, most other pool comes with a one-year warranty. Also make sure to check on the customer reviews on the warrant and service support issues.

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